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Silicon steel sheet longitudinal cutting machine

Samples of silicon steel sheet cutting:

1: Thickness of roll slitting silicon steel sheet or low carbon steel sheet   0.2~0.5mm

2:Width of the rolling slitting sheet  40~1250mm

3:Strip Burr:           ≦0.02mm

4:Width tolerance of strip burr ≦±0.2mm

5:Speed of slitting line                       0~70M/min

6:Decoiler drum standard diameter                  Φ500mm

7:Recoiler drum standard diameter                 Φ500mm

8:Max load capacity of Decoiler                 ≦6T

9:Max load capacity of recoiler              ≦6T

10:Max activity diameter of decoiler                 Φ530mm,

11 Min activity diameter                        Φ470mm。

12:Max activity diameter of recoiler Φ510mm,

13 Min activity diameter            Φ470mm。

14:Guide pressure device working pressure  0.3-06Mpa

15 Outside diameter of the spindle for the roll slitting machine  Φ120mm

16   Lifting height                             350mm,

17V shape tray maximum load capacity of the lifting moving vehicle   6T。

                                 17:General motor power32KW,

Decoiler,rolling cutting machine,recoiler AC motor driven by the frequency converter.

18:Total length 11m,width 5m,covering the area of 55 square meter.

19:Total weight                       11T。

20:Working height level:                   1M。

 Main construction

1:6Ton Hydraulic pressing decoiler

2:6Ton hydraulic pressing recoiler                        

3、Variable frequency roll slitting machine

4、Double pneumatic guide pressing device

5:6Ton new type electric feed-in and feed-out lifting vehicle 

6、Electric control panel

7、Hydraulic station

8、Grinding machine

9、  YG20 carbide scissors

  ★ The configuration of the sensor, length measuring device, intelligent digital display meter, the cutting length that required can be preset,(unit precision:0.1m) sound alarm when reaching the number.

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