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JN-4003DS NC swing shear step-lap transformer core cutting-to-length line


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JN-4003DS NC swing shear step-lap transformer core cutting-to-length line


Introduction and Usage
This machine is mainly used for both straight&mitred cutting&punching
silicon steel laminations for transformer or reactors automatically.
Cut the sillicon steel to be kinds of shape,such as  right angle,bevel angle,
Straight angle& bevel angle,punched,puched V shape etc.
This machine also has step-lap function.


Cutting length:200-5000mm

Cut-to-length precision:+-0.025mm

Cutting burr height:Max0.02mm

Punching burr height:Max0.03mm

Cutting speed:30-60 pieces per minute


1.Cutting power:adopts domestic famous brand inverter motor,high speed,low noise,long life.
2.Feeding power:adopts big torque AC servo motor,quick response,high precious positioning,low
noise,small thermal braking,long life.
3.Rail positioning:step motor dring,ball screw&linear guide transmitting,central positioning,
quick and precious.
4.Motion control:by advanced PLC,HMI operation,simple and convenient.
5.Lamination collecting:transmitting bell plus unloading rack.
6.Life assurance:Imported world famous linear guide and ball screw,high precious milling parts
and high precision assembly,extend life of the machine.

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