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Electronic Transformer Toroidal Core Winding Machine

Electronic Transformer Toroidal Core Winding Machine

一, equipment overview:

Uses: This equipment is suitable for 30KVA-2500KVA about three-dimensional three-dimensional volume iron core transformer core material use, the control part of the use of PLC and servo motor system, has a high level of automation, especially with open film midway correction function, the overall performance In the industry-leading.

Second, the main components of equipment:

1, a set of discharge machine

2, open the host a set of materials

3, a winding machine

4, PLC control system (man-machine interface) 1 set

5, 1 set of servo motor system

6, one-piece electrical cabinet

Third, the main technical parameters and performance:

1, slitting belt type:

1.1, ladder type, straight;

2, opening film processing range:

2.1, the maximum feed width: 450mm

2.2, cutting the minimum width: 8mm

3, open material size accuracy: 0.01mm

4, cutting burr ≤ 0.03mm

5, open the material speed: 0 ~ 50m / min

5.1, frequency control

6, discharge machine

6.1, carrying weight: 2000Kg

6.2, inner diameter: 450-530 mm

7, the electronic control system

7.1, PLC and servo motor control

8, the device color:

9, the total power: 8KW three - phase five - wire AC380V 50HZ

10, the whole weight of about: 2100Kg

11, Dimensions: Length: 7500mm × width 1450mm × high 1350mm

Fourth, the device features:

1, the control system using PLC, the operation using touch screen, a high degree of automation.

2, opening the work carried out by the servo motor, encoder data collection, high precision, good reliability.

3, the host uses worm gear motor, together with the drive speed, stepless adjustable.

4, PLC programmer can save not less than 40 drawings parameters, easy to use.

5, with open-chip midway correction function, improve the accuracy of opening film to ensure that the film is definitely pass rate.

Fifth, the main component source:

Linear guide: silver on Taiwan

Ball screw: Taiwan TBI

PLC: Mitsubishi

Touch screen: step Branch

Electrical components: Schneider

Inverter: British Witten

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