3-D unicore machine( U-shaped transformer core)

3-D unicore machine
1. Can produce a variety of small medium and large transformer core
2. Can produce single-phase, three-phase, three-dimensional transformer core
3. Can produce dry, oil-immersed transformer core
4. Core processing of high dimensional accuracy, simple operation and convenient
5. Machinable single, can also be processed at the same time with two silicon steel strip
6. Bending, cutting servo CNC system
7. Machine interface using human-computer interaction, intuitive and simple
8. The machine tool industry for the first time the CNC system into the transformer, the equipment as a whole high precision, good stability
9. Equipment can process the curve, the line can be produced with R-shaped silicon steel, oval, three-dimensional triangular transformer open core
10. Equipment processing core can be used to manufacture oil-immersed, dry, traction, rectifier, grounding transformers and special transformers, reactors, transformers and other products.

KN-400: 1 processing a single group of silicon steel sheet, piece width 400MM, 2, the processing of dual-group silicon steel, 2 * width 190MM (optional)

Equipment processing core burr accuracy is less than or equal to 0.02MM, length accuracy tolerance is less than or equal to 0.02mm
Product processing core piece length accuracy tolerance is less than or equal 0.10mm
Silicon steel sheet thickness 0.15mm-0.35mm.
Bending angle of 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees

Open-book shrinkage range: 450mm-520mm
Open-book machine mandrel with hydraulic control
Maximum load bearing 1000 kg
Speed control with non-contact sensor
Power using AV380VA, directly from the host access.

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